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School of World Studies World ePass


The School of World Studies World ePass serves as a portfolio highlighting academic and experiential learning achievements beyond the typical classroom setting.  It connects material mastered through coursework with the complexities of the real world.

Intermediate Spanish Instructor

Through the creation and implementation of interactive Spanish coursework, Chandler effectively taught and executed private Spanish 2 and Spanish 3 classes.

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Qualified Community Interpreter

By completing a semester-long Community Interpreting course, Chandler has fulfilled the 45-hour requirement to be a qualified EN/ES interpreter.


Q Collective Summer Research Initiative

The Queer Research & Advocacy Collective (The Q Collective) is a VCU institution geared at showcasing and supporting the academic, activist, and artistic endeavors of students, staff, alumni, and greater Richmond community.

Chandler was specifically chosen for a Summer research initiative known as Qmunity, which focused on the development of this institution.

Global LGBTQ+ History Edu-Series Research Project

The Global LGBTQ+ History educational series investigates and analyzes the existence and treatment of non-normative gender identities and sexual orientations across time and space.  This project transforms traditional coursework into an interactive multimedia series.

Multidisciplinary Skilled Educator

Qualified Community Interpreter

LGBTQ+ Researcher and Advocate

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