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Conflicts of an Activist

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

As an activist,

I often wonder

if I am too radical for the world

but not radical enough for my people

I see my people hurting

But I know I can make a change

So I lay out onto the world

All of that which needs to be arranged

I turn my gaze to the media

To try and create new views

I have my plan laid out ahead

I’ve done my research, paid my dues

I know that if I am too forthright

Or if I am unfriendly

If I am to cause too much affright

Or if I don’t approach them gently

I know for sure I’ll risk it all

There’s no telling what they’ll do

I’m paranoid that I’ll misstep

And I’ll cause us all to lose

People often want to be coddled

They want to pretend problems don’t exist

I worry if I coddle them too much

I’ll be too much an Assimilationist

But I want to keep on fighting

I want to help set my people free

Why is it so fucking hard then

To get the world to listen to me?

Wait, I’m sorry!

I swear I’ll take it back!

I’ll play nice this time, I mean it!

I promise this isn’t an attack!

The truth is sometimes I just get

So incredibly tired from the coddling

Holding hands and sucking thumbs

I’m exhausted from the dawdling

Yet I know honestly deep down

I’m not allowed to rush them

I have to move slow and lovingly

So it’s not me that they condemn

I don’t want to just fit in with the top

And risk losing my solidarity

I don’t want my people to think I’ve left them

Gone, forgotten who I’m meant to be

My people, I haven’t forgotten you

I haven’t left you in the dust

I’ve been by your side this entire time

I don’t want to lose your trust

Justice is not a one route road

I know that now, I swear!

I can humor both sides’ needs

Without either side thinking I don’t care

I want to make a proper difference

A positive contribution

It’s okay that there are different steps

To arrive at the revolution!

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