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Body Positivity for Trans Folks

Body positivity for trans folks is not necessarily loving how our bodies are.

Body positivity is accepting our bodies, loving ourselves enough to know we deserve to feel comfortable in our bodies, and understanding that we're allowed to make changes to our bodies in order to feel comfortable.

Trans people are often excluded from Body Positivity and Body Neutrality movements. We are also often told we are "destroying" and/or "harming" our bodies--especially if we physically transition in some way.

I do not change my body because I hate myself. Rather, I change my body because I love myself enough to know I deserve to feel comfortable and safe in my body.

I change my body because I am reclaiming my body as my own. I am constantly evolving, adapting my body in the ways that feel most affirming for me.

I love and accept my body--which is exactly why I gave myself the freedom to seek out inner peace by bringing body and mind together.

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