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I Pierced My Ears Last Week

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

I pierced my ears last week

Even though you didn't want me to

Add that to the long list of things

You never let me do

How ironic is it then

That you have so much queer pride

But whenever I'm flamboyant

You tell me to keep it all inside?

You made me feel so guilty

For all the wonderful parts I contain

Hiding them and suffocating them

Fighting them with disdain

But ever since you cheated

And I decided to leave

I've started building myself back up again

And there's no more need to grieve

For I was a burning fire

That you had failed to put out

A brave young seed in the soil

A redwood tree beginning to sprout

Being the bigger person

Always makes me feel so small

It's like running headfirst

Without first learning how to crawl

Shaped into what you wanted

I break out of your mold

All the hidden parts of me

Unravel and unfold

I pierced my ears last week

And it made me feel so tall

Because for the first time since I met you

I realized being me isn't so bad after all



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