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Why'd you start your YouTube channel?

It all started when I was 16.

When I first came out as agender at age 16, I turned to the internet as any other scared, nervous kid looking for community would do. I was desperate to find other people like me so that I knew I wasn't alone in feeling the way I did.

What I found was... nothing.

Well, that's a lie. I found two people. One person had multiple videos detailing their back-and-forth between identifying as agender and identifying as a trans man. I thought, well that's not how I feel now is it? The second person described that they believed they had a gender, they just didn't know the word for it yet. I thought, well that's now how I feel either.

So I decided, if there were no out agender YouTubers, that I would be the first.

I uploaded my video titled, What is Agender? on March 5th, 2015. (shown below)

The video was an instant hit, getting hundreds of thousands of views in just a few weeks.

So many people, newly out and scared just like I was, searched for agender YouTubers and thus found me. That same community feeling that I had been missing going into making this video was then in turn given to me by my viewers after uploading it.

#YouTube #Transgender #ComingOut #LGBTQ

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