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LGBTQ+ Representation in the Media Workshop

This is an ongoing workshop series.

To book Chandler's LGBTQ+ Representation in the Media Workshop, please visit the contact page located in the main navigation menu.

For access to the complete LGBTQ+ Representation in the Media Presentation + Workshop materials visit:

LGBTQ Events

LGBTQ Events Calendar

Events related to LGBTQ awareness, pride, and/or hosted by LGBTQ people


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VCU Presentation

Richmond, VA



3/31.  oSTEM LGBTQ+ Rep Workshop.  Virtual.


12/9.  It Gets Better Summit.  Virtual.

11/13.  Rafiki Watch-Along.  Virtual.

11/11.  Booksmart Watch-Along.  Virtual.

11/9.  The Handmaiden Watch-Along.  Virtual.

11/6.  Moonlight Watch-Along.  Virtual.

10/28.  CFHS LGBTQ+ Rep Workshop.  Virtual.

10/26.  VCU LGBTQ+ Rep Workshop.  Virtual.

10/23.  VCU LGBTQ+ Rep Workshop.  Virtual.

10/22.  VCU LGBTQ+ Rep Workshop.  Virtual.


10/12.  Atlanta Pride.  Atlanta, GA.

10/08.  #RiseUpOct8.  Washington, DC.

9/28.  Virginia Pride.  Richmond, VA.

7/24-28.  PTWC.  Philadelphia, PA.

7/10-17.  VidCon 10.  Anaheim, CA.

6/27-30.  World Pride.  NYC, NY.

6/14-19.  Thomas & Friends.  Gainesville, FL.

6/11-13.  TOP Concert.  Charlotte, NC.

5/9.  Youth Mental Health Panel.  Richmond, VA.

3/6.  Sissy Book Tour.  Washington, DC.


9/22.  RVA Pridefest.  Richmond, VA.

8/4-8/9.  Celebration.  New York City, NY.

7/12.  Interactive Introverts.  Richmond, VA.

6/20-23.  VidCon.  Anaheim, CA.

5/8-11.  ClamourCon.  Palm Springs, CA.

3/18.  The Lavender Effect OHP.  Los Angeles, CA.

1/27.  Creating Change.  Washington, DC.


12/2.  TIP2017.  Richmond, VA.

9/23.  RVA Pridefest.  Richmond, VA.

9/2.  Playlist Live.  Washington, DC.

8/4-6.  Summer in the City.  London, England.

5/9-12.  ClamourCon.  Palm Springs, CA.


6/23-25.  VidCon.  Anaheim, CA.

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