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If you're interested in booking me for an appearance or presentation, please give the date, time, and location of the event as well as its focus.

If you're interested in working towards a sponsorship for one or more of my videos, please give information about your company, organization, or project.

Under "Type" please put one of the following:  

1.  Appearance

2.  Interview

3.  Speech / Solo Presentation

4.  Panel / Group Presentation

5.  30-60 Second Sponsorship

6.  Dedicated Video Sponsorship

7.  Other

Under "LGBTQ Focus" please put one of the following:

1.  LGBTQ-specific organization

2.  Not LGBTQ-specific organization but looking for LGBTQ-specific perspectives

3.  No LGBTQ focus

Book ChandlerNWilson

Thanks for submitting!

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