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Chandler has brown and green curly hair. They wear a purple dress with purple dangly earrings. They are looking directly into the camera. One hand is on their shoulder, the other behind their head, exposing their flower tattoo.

Pronouns:  they/them

Age:  23


Chandler Wilson started their YouTube channel under the username MissPancake52 in 2010 at age 11 with a childhood friend.  They made music videos and skit videos together.  At age 14, Chandler started vlogging in typical vlog format by themself.  It wasn't until about age 15 that they started vlogging regularly.  When Chandler turned 16, they came out as trans and started creating videos related to their life and experiences as a transgender agender person.

They make videos about their physical transition on testosterone, videos about their life in general, educational videos, and also videos of certain themes, those of which can be LGBTQ specific or unrelated to LGBTQ topics entirely.


Chandler was born in Charlotte, North Carolina on August 7th, 1998.  Assigned female at birth, Chandler's birth name was Elena Nicole.  When Chandler was 12, they came out as bisexual, and a year later they came out as a lesbian.  When they first came out as transgender to themself at 14, they went back and forth between identifying as a trans man and bigender boy/girl.  They secretly went by the name Mason with a few internet friends and were only out to a few people.  It wasn't until 2014 that they started going by Chandler.  After coming out as agender at age 16, they soon realized they were pansexual, and afterwards, on the aromantic and asexual spectrums as well.

Currently, they specifically identify as agender and grayromantic graysexual.  They also identify with pansexual, bisexual, aromantic, asexual, nonbinary, transgender, and queer as umbrella terms.


» Chandler is bilingual in English and Spanish and has also taken lessons on French, Arabic, Bangla, Braille, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, and Esperanto.

»  Chandler attended UNCW for a semester to study film.

»  Chandler is currently attending VCU for a BA in Spanish with a minor in Latin American Studies and a BS in Anthropology with a minor in LGBT+Queer Studies.

»  Chandler has traveled to different countries such as:

Bahamas, England, France, Belgium, Germany, and Austria.

» Chandler loves to draw and paint as well as create digital art and design.

» Chandler is a published author and award-winning poet.

» Chandler loves tattoos and has six as of right now.

» Chandler's dream career when they were a kid was to be a YouTuber.

» Chandler loves animals and studied to be a vet when they were younger.

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